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Too many local families are afraid to go out in public or enjoy the parks because our communities are increasingly threatened by gangs, homeless addicts, and coarse vandalism.  Kern County is competing to become the murder capitol of the State of California.

Brian Smith's 34 year-long career in law enforcement and law enforcement leadership make him the single most qualified candidate to address the public safety crisis.  

Brian will work with the Sheriff to make sure that patrols, substations, and jails are budgeted and operated according to the best practices in criminal justice and not due to political tug-of-war with other departments.  There will be no escaping the responsibility to protect families and businesses by redefining criminal behavior as "homelessness."  Brian will personally lead the fight to repeal Proposition 47 and AB109 from the County to Sacramento.


At 7.25%, California has the highest minimum statewide sales tax rate in the United States to go along with one of the most punishing personal income tax structures.  But, politicians continue to embrace spending that must be paid for somehow.

Brian has managed a large CHP district, so he knows how to constrain spending to align with goals and discourage waste.  His goal is to manage the County's budget with the same focus he has used to master his own family's household finances.  That means evaluating County departments for overlapping or redundant resources and requiring performance based budgeting criteria.  

Brian will be an active opponent of tax increases.  He won't vote to place a tax increase on the ballot unless he has first personally confirmed that there is no way to provide the needed financing otherwise.  He looks forward to opposing any and all new taxes.    


One of Brian's favorite Presidents, Ronald Reagan, once said, "The best social program is a job."  People in Kern County deserve the jobs and clients and customers who appreciate them from all over the state, country, and world. 
All too often, local politicians delegate the responsibility of making a selling the benefits of our County and its residents to businesses looking to relocate, develop here, or do business here to outside groups or agencies.  But, Brian is a worker and will put in the miles to bring home the work for Kern residents. 
As employees attrition out of their jobs at the County, Brian will look for opportunities to privatize or partner with the community to provide even better services and help grow the capacities of local businesses. 


Kern County feeds and powers the world.  And, agriculture and oil are industries with deep roots in Kern County's history.  We should be proud of the contributions of our region's large industries.

Brian has lead security efforts at California Resources Corporation, so he knows and respects people who work our local oilfields and wants the best for them. 

But there are regulators in Sacramento who have little understanding of the oilfields our residents work in every day or that water is the lifeblood of our farms.  As a matter of principle, Brian will vote to retain or increase local control, so people closest to farms and oilfields can make decisions about farms and oilfields.


Brian is committed to listening to all sides of controversial agenda items and personally reading proposed ordinances before they become policy or law.  And, he won't vote on any matter until he has reviewed the text first.  Brian is appalled by legislators who say they need to pass a bill in order to know what's in the bill.  Brian will always read any proposed ordinance before he votes, and he hopes his introduction of the practice will become a standard for all local politicians.  

Brian will also go a step further and not only comply with all laws binding elected officials, but also agree to comply with the ethical rules that governed him in the Marine Corps and as an Assistant Chief of the California Highway Patrol.  



It is crucial for citizens to be able to enjoy an effective right of self-defense and to enjoy sporting traditions if they choose.  Brian is the only candidate in the race who uncompromisingly supports the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

Brian will work with the Sheriff's office to streamline concealed carry permits for crime victims and work to promote gun safety.
Paid for by Brian Smith for Supervisor 2022, FPPC # 1441867
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